The Opinion of a Lady: Anthea Yur

What does it mean to be a female climber?

Ah— I am so glad you asked me this. I was hoping a question along the same lines of this would eventually pop up. Although in so many aspects I wish we didn’t have to highlight the obvious of the fact that I am a woman, I will say that it means everything and yet nothing. As a climber, I work just as hard as any other individual. I battle through the same struggles of pushing through the pump and finding motivation in the high failure rate of trying things beyond your temporary (by temporary I mean at that moment in time) capabilities. And just like anyone else who knows the game of getting over the many, many plateaus, how to keep my psyche and passion for what I do.

And although it irks me beyond all hell to hear full grown men in their rented harnesses, not being able to let their warped beliefs that women cannot succeed as well as men go, it also fuels me to keep my head high and my projects sent.

Is there any difference in the overall experience?

I suppose I already answered that with the previous question. Obviously I have no experience of being a male-bodied climber, but I would have to conclude that there is no difference. Female-bodied climbers are just as capable to succeed and enjoy climbing as well as any other human being. I mean, yeah, there are a lot of men who are highlighted for their power, wing-span, and aggressiveness in their climbing, but there are women who are stealing the stage too. Whether it be with their power, technique, strength, or etc.

Let’s just all come together and appreciate climbing as a whole! Who cares at who sends what? Whether or not they’re a man or woman? We are all fueled by the same passion and are surrounded by rocks that have been waiting since prehistoric birth to be discovered and climbed! 

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Where is your Home crag?

My home crag is technically in Wisconsin even though I am in St. Paul, Minnesota. It’s this beautiful crag called Willow River. Juggy, pumpy, and powerful climbs on beautiful mixture of dolomite and limestone that overhangs above a waterfall. The waterfall always…

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I stripped my sheets today

the curly remnants of your hair

no longer

hide within the intricate braids

but your blood is still here.