what counts

fingers hovering over my cheeks

counting the sun-kissed

freckles,  humming my

soul awake as sunlight

curves its way through

our blinds. my eyes

welted in tears while


by chills


through my spine

with the simple warmth

of soft lips kissing my right

cheek’s mother mark.

the mere brush of

his nose against my

shoulder, exhaling onto

my skin, nerves dispersing as it

nuzzles its way to my

neck. neurons aroused,

sending rapid fires of

moony anticipation

like the following month of July

of unexpected night skies

flooded with luminous

explosions from nearly

abandoned fireworks.

bodies folded and closely

intertwined, respiring in unison,

legs faultlessly


into one another like human

vines. goose bumps

rising, mimicking my

dracaena’s expanded blades as

it stretches its filaments,

soma softly collapsing

from underneath


skonheten said: Amazing news! (and a huge thank you to the anon that cared to ask about my kitten) He was funded for meds and made a full recovery with minimal scarring! Thanks to everyone who donated & shared!!

News on Nu! For those who have been wondering.

Psyched! Thank you for everyone who helped.

Anonymous said: How is Nu doing currently?

Nu has not had the surgery yet, I actually am not the owner of Nu, but his owner, Madi, has a tumblr and can update you. From what I know, Nu came with some eye drops to help with the irritation, but just ran out.

Here is Madi’s tumblr: http://skonheten.tumblr.com/



Does anyone happen to know any good camping spots in Ten Sleep? We are driving around absolutely clueless.